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There's lots about me, some of which will come out here, some of which will be revealed over time in the blog posts, and most of which I'll share if asked. Chronologically backward ... we got a new dog in June, 2006; I started a new job as director of internal audit the week before we got Sophie; we moved into a new house in February, 2006; I got married to Casey in April, 2005; I accepted a promotion back to the Tennessee Department of Correction in October, 2004; I accepted a transfer to the Tennessee Department of Environemnt and Conservation in March, 2004; I accepted a transfer to the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability in July, 2003; I met Casey in October, 2002; I accepted a position as auditor 2 with the Tennessee Department of Correction in May, 2001; I moved to Nashville from Madison, Wisconsin in February, 2001; and throughout the entire time, I've volunteered with a wide variety of nonprofits in the Nashville area.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so long, farewell ... you've come a long way, baby ...

Okay, so maybe Facebook was technically around when I started this blog in 2006, but I don't recall that it was as widespread, useful and many other attributes as it is today. This blog requires more deliberate interaction than my Facebook interaction. Just like my e-mail migrated from one address to another, the place where I post my thoughts will migrate from this venue to Facebook notes. Perhaps it will migrate again as technology continues to develop, but for now, this area will will not be used in the way it has in the past.
Until later,


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